The Family Law DOORS


The Family Law DOORS complements AVERT Family Violence by providing a solid understanding of risks to safety or wellbeing for families who are separating or separated.

 What is the DOORS?

  • The DOORS is an exciting new framework for considering and systematically identifying multiple and related risks for separating families.
  • It includes screening of safety and mental health risks, parenting stress, and developmental risk for children.
  • Every question is evidence based.
  • Clients are well supported to consider their own well-being, and that of their children.
  • The DOORS provides concrete guides for practitioner response, including referral and follow up.
  • DOORS has been successfully trialled across multiple family law service contexts in Australia.
  • DOORS offers a shared language for risk identification and response, across the family law field.

What’s in the DOORS?

  • An evidenced based, two stage screening tool and response planning resources
  • An annotated risk assessment resource list for specialist follow up
  • A software program to streamline analysis

Who developed the DOORS?

The Family Law DOORS screening tool was created by Prof. Jennifer McIntosh (La Trobe University/Family Transitions), with a comprehensive handbook and training resources co-authored by Dr. Claire Ralfs (Relationships Australia, SA) and the DOORS research team.

Where can I find the DOORS?

The Family Law DOORS Software and Handbook are available from:

More Information

Visit the website at to register for DOORS updates or to enrol in training.