What is AVERT Family Violence?

The AVERT Family Violence training package has been developed to provide a multi-disciplinary training package in family violence that encourages collaboration between professionals who are working in the family law system.

The aim of the training package is to provide workers at all levels within the family law system with a sound and practical understanding of family violence, its impact and the appropriate strategies for responding which promotes safety for all involved. Another key aspect of the training package is to promote a stronger capacity within the family law system for multidisciplinary collaboration, through providing a greater understanding and recognition between professions of the different roles and functions of the different work roles.

The primary professions targeted in this package include:

  • Legal practitioners
  • Judicial officers
  • Counsellors
  • Psychologists
  • Social workers
  • Legal advisers
  • Court staff including family report writers
  • Family consultants
  • Family dispute resolution practitioners
  • Child contact service workers.

As well as a general intensive program, the training package includes specific programs for these groups. The package covers the following topics:

  • Historical information in relation to family violence
  • Legal considerations, prevalence and analysis of Australian family violence
  • Definitions and dynamics of family violence and the impact on women and children living with family violence
  • Common beliefs and myths and their impact on service responses
  • Engaging perpetrators of violence
  • Responding to diversity
  • Screening, risk assessment and safety planning
  • Collaboration and joined up case management.

Watch the video to learn about the AVERT Family Violence training package, and how to use it.

The AVERT Family Violence DVD set is available at no cost. Please email FLSIsection@ag.gov.au for more information.