We have a wide range of services that we can provide related to AVERT Family Violence or the Family DOORS.  These can be delivered face to face or online. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Face to face training

Our customisable face to face training can take place at the Australian Institute of Social Relations in Adelaide or our highly qualified trainers can come to your training venue across Australia.  Our areas of expertise are in:

  • Introduction to Family Violence
  • How to use AVERT Family Violence
  • Collaborative practices to unite the sector
  • Screening and risk assessment (please also see Family DOORS)
  • Use of the Family DOORS App
  • Implementation of the Family DOORS in your organisation


We are more connected now than ever! Take advantage of a web hook up that we can host and invite as many people you would like to the event. This reduces costs and will give you direct access to our trainers who can provide you with information and training from any of the above topics or anything else you would like to cover.

Online Learning

We are able to create online learning that is self-paced about family violence and in line with your company’s policies or any other special requirements.

DVD copies of AVERT Family Violence

DVD copies of the AVERT Family Violence Training Package are available by contacting