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Basics Course


About the Course

The aim of the AVERT Family Violence Basics Course is to provide an introduction to the historical and legal contexts of family violence including relationship dynamics, impacts on victims and service responses.

Learners will gain knowledge about;

  • Definitions and legal frameworks
  • Family violence myths
  • Prevalence
  • Integrated and multi-collaborative service responses

Learners will gain skills in recognising;

  • Family violence dynamics
  • Impacts on children

Who can participate?

No pre-knowledge or work experience in family violence is required.

The course has been specifically designed for those working in the family law system and community services sector. However, this introductory course is accessible to anyone with an interest in the area of family violence.

Course Format

The course is interactive involving audio slides, videos, and quizzes with up to date resources for you to download.

As an online program, you can work through the topics at your own pace.  The topics covered are:

  1. Definitions – An exploration of the different interpretations of family violence over time and between professions.
  2. Prevalence – A look at the statistics surrounding all aspects of family violence.
  3. Dynamics – General information about the complexities of family violence, contributing factors and relationships dynamics.
  4. Impact – How family violence impacts adults, children and families and ultimately the whole community.
  5. Services Responses – This topic offers a best practice model of integrated service responses that both supports victims and engages with perpetrators.


This course is FREE.

Course at a Glance

  • Start at any time and work at your own pace
  • 5 main topics
  • 20-30 minutes of work per topic
  • English
  • English captions
  • Certificate of completion upon completing the course

Accessibility Information

If you do not find the delivery of this online learning accessible, please contact us at to discuss alternatives.

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