Project Team

Dr Claire Ralfs, CEO, Relationships Australia SA; Jen Hamer; Maria Dimopoulos – MyriaD Consulting; Judith Cross; Naomi Ebert Smith; Pam Carden; Roxanne Adams; Karen Jennings; Joan Cunningham; Iain Henderson

Attorney-General’s Department

Members of the Family Law Branch

Multimedia Teams

Adelaide: David Belperio – Davlin Film; Kay Koutris – Davlin Film; Tim Baroff – Davlin Film

George Valiotis; Cameron Averay

Sydney: Barry Gamba – Pomegranite Pty Ltd; Alissar Gazal – Pomegranite Pty Ltd

Melbourne: Halo Media

Graphic Design

Mystery – Miska Graphics; Tania McDonald – Inspire Be

Project Support Team

Anna-Louise Mobley; Anne-Marie Greathead; Catherine Madigan; Adam Green; Gitta Siekmann; Sandra Shultz; Xanthippi Korbetis; Rebecca Kersten

Professional Participation

We would like to thank and acknowledge the following people who gave their time and expertise to help in the making of this training package. In alphabetical order:

Ms Maureen Abbott; Ms Arina Aoina; Mr. Stuart Anderson; Ms Jane Ashton; Prof. Hilary Astor; Ms Shelley Atkins; Ms Alice Bailey; Ms Sue Blackall; Mr Danny Blay; Ms Antoinette Braybrook; Dr. Jan Breckenridge; The Hon. Diana Bryant; Ms Toni Brown; Mr. Alan Campbell; Mr Terry Callahan; Ms Lisa Clark; Ms Jennifer Cooke; Mr Ben Cox; Mr Simon Curran; Ms Jenny Douglas; Ms Sally Field; Ms Joanna Fletcher; Mr Tony Fletcher; Mr David Foster; Dr Peter Furze; Ms Manuela Galvad; Dr Leigh Gassner; Ms Diane Gibson; The Hon. Magistrate Anne Goldsbrough; Ms Cathy-Anne Grew; Mr Kevin Hanavan; Ass Prof Mary Heath; Mr Bill Hewlett; Mr David Hugall; The Hon. Federal Magistrate Kate Hughes; Ms Josie Hunt; Ms Kerrie James; Ms Rebecca Kimlin; Ms Ilana Katz; Ms Yvonne Korn; Ms Pamela Lewis; Ms Libby Lloyd; Ms Diane Lojszczyk; Ms Dina Lioumis; Dr. Jennifer McIntosh; Prof Kathy Mack; Ms Helen Mestrovic; Ms Sandy Miller; Prof Lawrence Moloney; Mr Dillon Morley; Mr Tim Mulvany; Ass. Comm. Mark Murdoch; Ms Kristen Murray; Ms Cathie Nederveen; Ms Deborah Noll; Ms Anne O’Connell; Ms Claire O’Connor; Ms Andrea O’Halloran; Ms Enaam Oudih; Ms Sam Page; Mr Clive Price; Mr Stephen Ralph; The Hon. Justice Judy Ryan; Ms Judy Saba; Ms Dana Shen; Ms Judy Small; Ass. Comm. Wendy Steendam; The Hon. Justice Jan Stevenson; Ms Mailin Suchting; Ms Vicki Tsouboursis; Ms Joanne Willmot; Ms Karen Wilson; Ms Tahireh Zaiain

Testimonial Participants

We especially acknowledge the victims of family violence who were prepared to speak of their experiences on film for this training package. For privacy we have used pseudonyms in the package, but the people involved will know who they are, and we thank you.

Relationships Australia (SA) Staff Film Participation

Kate Brett; Joanne Engel; Virginia Leeuwenberg; Mergho Ray; Shirley Rutter; Rowan Walling